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Meet The Speakers

We are pleased to announce our speakers for FGS 5! These industry pros were selected by the Advisory Board (see below), and will cover a broad range of topics (hint: click on speaker images to reveal session information).

  • Luc Beaulieu
    Frima Studio

  • Carl Callewaert
    Unity Technology

  • Chris Condon
    ConArtist Games

  • John Cooney

  • Ryan Henson Creighton
    Untold Entertainment

  • Jean-Philippe Doiron
    Frima Studio

  • John Fox

  • Ben Garney
    The Engine Company

  • Pany Haritatos

  • Stephen Harris
    Ninja Kiwi

  • Bill Howard
    Adobe Systems, Inc.

  • Simon Lachance
    Berzerk Studio

  • Josh Larson
    Mochi Media, Inc.

  • Ethan Levy
    Quarter Spiral

  • Danny Parker
    Ninja Kiwi Europe

  • James Pearmain
    Freelance Game Artist

  • Matt Rix

  • Ryan Schaefer
    Monster Media

  • Scott Walker
    Ninja Kiwi

Theme for FGS 5: "Evolve your game"

The official theme for FGS 5 is "Evolve Your Game". Why?

Flash game developers are expanding (evolving) their games into new platforms and technologies, opening up new opportunities and revenue streams. This means that they have to change (evolve) their workflow and game design process to properly adapt their product to each technology and device. Evolution isn't only taking place for developers making games on multiple platforms. As competition in the online Flash games market increases, Flash game developers today are are faced with the challenge of making higher quality games more quickly than ever before. Flash game publishers are also embracing the new world order by augmenting (evolving) their businesses to include mobile, 3D, and other technologies to their stable of Flash games.

Being an indie game developer, small development team, or publisher has never been more exciting...and challenging. Games are evolving.

Advisory Board

  • Tony Solary & Matt Neff
    Flipline Studios

  • Chris Hughes

  • Dominique Lemire- Nault & Yowan Langlais

  • John Daskalopoulos

  • John Cooney

  • Justin Wong
    Mochi Media

  • Mat Annal
    Nitrome Limited

  • Lee Brimelow