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Adam Saltsman, Semi Secret Software

Adam Saltsman co-founded Semi Secret Software with Eric Johnson. In August 2008 Adam & Eric released their first independently-funded commercial game, wurdle, for Apple's iPhone, where it quickly became a top 10 classic. Adam's debut solo effort Gravity Hook received half a million page views without portals or marketing the same month. He then collaborated on indie darlings Paper Moon and Cave Story Wii before creating the one-button parkour phenomenon Canabalt in August 2009. Adam & Eric released Canabalt for the iPhone in October 2009 where it swiftly earned a top 40 apps position without a publisher or marketing budget. Adam's flixel API, an open source flash game library, has been embraced by both beginners and veterans and earned Adam a place on Game Developer Magazine's inaugural Top 50 Developers list alongside Will Wright and Steve Jobs. Adam's games, artwork and dev tools have been featured on Edge, Boing Boing, Destructoid, IGN, Gamasutra, Rock Paper Shotgun and TIGSource.

Alexander Shen, Mochi Media

Alexander is the business development manager at Mochi Media. He spends much of his time contributing articles about the Flash space and fostering relations with a wide range of game developers. Prior to Mochi Media, Alexander has spent a number of years in the gaming industry with companies like SCEA, Leapfrog and Namco Networks of America. In his spare time, he`s often writing and illustrating comic strips and working on his own game creations.

Andy Moore, Andy Moore Games

Andy Moore is an independent game developer best-known as Community Manager for Fantastic Contraption. He is hoping to find success with his recently-launched SteamBirds franchise, and is often found collaborating with other independent developers on flash games. To fund his voracious craft-brew consumption, Andy freelances as a Community Consultant & Designer for other studios.

Atul Bagga, Think Equity

Atul is currently the Senior Equity Research Analyst covering Gaming industry at ThinkEquity. His coverage includes console gaming, online gaming, social gaming, social media, and virtual worlds. He has been regularly interviewed on TV and quoted in financial and mainstream print media such as Economist, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time, Forbes, Fortune, USA Today, Bloomberg, Business Week. Previously, Atul worked as Equity Research Analyst with Smith New Court (now Merrill Lynch.) Atul received his MBA from Haas School of Business at University of Berkeley, Masters in Management from University of Bombay and Bachelors in Engineering from National Institute of Technology in India.

Ben Garney, PushButton Labs

Ben Garney is a second-generation programmer with experience in everything from bare-metal embedded code to million-line game engines to web development. Currently, he works on the PushButton Engine, an open-source Flash game framework, for PushButton Labs. Before that, he spent five years at GarageGames, where he mostly worked on C++ game technology (TGE, TGB, TGEA, TNL) and a few games (Zap, Marble Blast Ultra). His blog on Flash and games can be found at coderhump.com.

Chris Hughes, FlashGameLicense.com

Chris Hughes has been an indie game developer for over 10 years. He Co-Founded FlashGameLicense.com and GamerSafe.com which have helped web game developers make over $3,000,000. He has spoken at the GDC and Flash Gaming Summit on monetizing and distributing web games. He also has several published articles on the topics of monetizing and distributing web games. He has a BS and MS in Computer Science from Sacred Heart University.

Colin Northway, Fantastic Contraption

Colin Northway grew up playing and making games on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. He has a B.SC. in Computer Science from the University of Victoria which he used for several years as a web-developer. While working as a web-developer in San Francisco he wrote Fantastic Contraption in his spare time. After releasing it to the wild the game exploded in popularity. He is currently living comfortably off the profits and working on his next game.

Dan Fiden, Playfish

Dan Fiden is general manager of the San Francisco studio of Playfish, creator of award winning, category defining social games designed for friends to play together. Dan oversees the design, development and creative direction of all games created out of Playfish’s fourth and newest studio. Prior to Playfish, Dan was game development director at Electronic Arts’ Pogo. Additionally, he held the role of producer/game designer at Pogo China. Dan received a bachelor of arts in Cinema and English from Denison University.

Daniel James, Three Rings

Daniel James is co-founder and CEO of Three Rings, pioneer of casual MMOs and the virtual goods and currency model in the US with Puzzle Pirates. In 2009 Three Rings launched launched Whirled, a player-created flash virtual world and developer platform centred on multi-player games. Three Rings is presently working on Facebook games and casual MMOs. Daniel has a long history of innovation in online games dating back to his first encounter with Essex MUD in 1982 and the commercial text MUD Avalon, one of the first content services to charge money on the internet circa 1994.

David Stewart, Playdom

As Director of Product at Playdom, David shapes and executes the company's strategies for viral and organic growth. Before joining Playdom, David served as the marketing lead for YouTube’s Platform and Partnership teams and Google’s commerce team. Prior to Google, David was a senior associate with the Boston Consulting Group, and has also held positions as a TIME Magazine reporter, a strategist for an African aid agency and a door-to-door knife salesman. David holds an MBA and BA from Yale University. One day he hopes to retire to a peaceful plot in (Lil) Farm Life.

Danielle Deibler, Adobe

Danielle Deibler works for Adobe Systems, investigating early-stage technology and business opportunities. Her current focus is the casual gaming space as it pertains to the Flash Platform. Deibler has over 17 years in the Internet infrastructure, software development, and networking arenas. Her primary area of focus in the last 7 years has been on building scalable real time collaboration platforms and applications. Previously, sheís held senior leadership positions in software development, engineering, business development and product management for several early stage companies. She is also an avid gamer.

David Scott, Casual Collective

David Scott, the co-founder of Casual Collective, is an indie game phenomenon, known for his inventive and highly addictive Flash-based games. David has developed numerous hits like Flash Element, Circle, and Vector Tower Defense and more recently, 'The Space Game: Missions'. In addition to creating games, David and his co-founder Paul Preece have launched The Casual Collective, a company to showcase their work to a growing community of users. The site has its own virtual currency which can be used to purchase gifts for other members and to upgrade and extend the features in the games. They are now focusing on bringing real game play mechanics to Facebook with the launch of their first Facebook game 'Desktop Defender'.

Dean Takahashi, Venturebeat

Dean is lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat. He covers video games, security, chips and a variety of other subjects. Dean previously worked at the San Jose Mercury News, the Wall Street Journal, the Red Herring, the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register and the Dallas Times Herald. He is the author of two books, Opening the Xbox and the Xbox 360 Uncloaked. Follow him on Twitter at @deantak, and follow VentureBeat on Twitter at @venturebeat. Dean is organizing GamesBeat@GDC, a conference on the business of innovation in games taking place March 10 in San Francisco. http://www.gdconf.com/conference/gamesbeat.html

Eric Eldon, Inside Facebook and Inside Social Games

Eric Eldon is the Co-Editor of Inside Facebook and Inside Social Games. Prior to Inside Network, Eric was the first employee at VentureBeat, a leading Silicon Valley technology publication, starting in 2007. There, he became an editor and the lead writer for social networking. Prior to VentureBeat, Eric co-founded WriteWith, a writing software startup. Eric graduated from Stanford University with a degree in International Relations in 2005, where he reported and edited news for The Stanford Daily, and ran its business for a year.

Gavin Barrett, Crowdstar

Gavin Barrett is Business Development & Product Marketing Manager at Crowdstar International, based in Dublin, Ireland. Gavin's background is in international business development in multimedia, content and telecoms sectors. He joined Crowdstar in September 2009 having previously worked for mobile game specialist Upstart Games and before that for Nokia's Multimedia Business Group. Crowdstar is the #2 developer on Facebook by daily users, with three Top 20 games, Happy Aquarium, Happy Pets and Happy Island. The company is headquartered in Dublin, and its main development studio is located in Burlingame CA.

Greg McClanahan, Kongregate

Greg McClanahan is best known as "that one guy who adds all the badges on Kongregate." Since joining the site in 2006 as the first employee, he's designed nearly 1,000 achievements across hundreds of user-submitted Flash games. He has also directed over 150 Flash game sponsorships in games that have collectively garnered hundreds of millions of gameplays.

Jameson Hsu, Mochi Media

Jameson Hsu is Chief Mochi and co-founder of Mochi Media. Prior to founding Mochi Media, Jameson co-founded the award winning interactive design firm WDDG where he led partnerships with major brands such as Kraft, HP, Burger King and many more. Jameson has been focused on gaming and interactive advertising for over 10 years, working closely with Flash developers, industry leading artists, advertising agencies, and Fortune 500 clients to develop innovative marketing and communication solutions.

Jared Riley, Hero Interactive

Jared Riley is a game developer and the creator of Hero Interactive, one of the leading Flash Game Studios in the industry. Since the company was created in 2006, it has grown from just Jared himself working from his apartment to a team of 7 working in an office overlooking Lake Michigan. As part of Hero, Jared has developed a number of popular games including the Bubble Tanks and StormWinds series.

Jessica Tams, Casual Games Association

Jessica Tams the Managing Director of the Casual Games Association (www.casualgamesassociation.org), an international organization committed to serving the needs of the professional casual gaming industry.


Before founding the Casual Games Association, Jessica held development, publishing and distribution positions inside the casual games industry. Most recently as VP Product Planning at FUN Technologies, a Liberty Media Company. Jessica was responsible for the product portfolio including game catalogue, website design and user experience of skill, community and casual download product offerings.


Before working in casual games distribution, Jessica was responsible for internally developed PC download and Web Games and the externally published Launch Xbox Live Arcade Titles at Oberon Media's Seattle Studio which included creation of the studio, hiring the team and managing the projects. Jessica spent five years working as a Software Engineer in Retail PC and Xbox console development on Dungeon Siege and Gabriel Knight III.


Prior to joining the ranks of game development, she was in the UW Physics PhD program and spent several years in academia pursuing scientific research and teaching in Mathematical Biology and Physics.

Jim Greer, Kongregate

Jim Greer is the founder and CEO of Kongregate, a startup that combines over 20,000 user-submitted Flash games with achievements, high scores, chat, and other community features. Developers share in ad and microtransaction revenue, and retain the rights to their games. Before founding Kongregate in June 2006, Jim was Technical Director for Pogo at Electronic Arts. He has worked in the game industry since 1991 and hold a Computer Science degree from Princeton University.

Joel Breton, AddictingGames.com

Joel Breton is the Director of Content at AddictingGames, the leading online game portal owned by MTV Networks. Joel works with many of the top game developers around the world to develop and launch 60 new online games each month for the 30 million monthly visitors to AddictingGames.com. Joel and his game team at AddictingGames are leading the charge in supporting the explosion of creative gameplay and design that is driving innovation in online games. During his fifteen year game-development career, Joel has produced and created more than 20 top-selling videogames including Duke Nukem, Unreal, Virtua Fighter, Major League Baseball, Amped 3, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Bomberman Live, Moto Rush, Sniper Assassin, and High School Detective.

Jon Annal, Nitrome Ltd.

Jon Annal is a senior game artist at Nitrome Ltd, an award winning games studio based in London, UK. Jon has been involved in the design and development of over 70 flash games for Nitrome including hit games: Mutiny, Twang, Hot Air, Knuckleheads and Avalanche. Prior to joining Nitrome he worked as a multimedia designer for digital agency Preloaded and holds a BA (Hons) in Visual Communications from Leeds University.

Lars Jornow, King.com

Lars Jörnow is the Games Acquisition Manager at King.com, the world's largest skill-gaming website with more than 25 million players. At King.com, Lars is responsible for game sponsorships/licensing, publishing and related social gaming product development. Prior to joining King.com, Lars worked in Deloitte Consulting's Strategy & Operations practice. He has a B.A. degree in Economics and Political Science from Denison University.

Mark Skaggs, Zynga

Mark Skaggs is an award winning game developer and most recently known for creating the world-wide phenomena, “FarmVille” for Zynga.


With a career spanning 17 years, 2 AIAS awards, 4 console transitions and a track record of creating games which have sold over 16 million copies at retail, Skaggs is also known for creating multi-million selling RTS games such as “Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2”, “Command and Conquer: Generals” and “Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth”.


Skaggs joined Zynga in 2008 and is currently Vice President of Product Development, leading the charge to create new and interesting games in the social gaming space.

Matthew Annal, Nitrome Ltd.

Mat Annal is the Managing Director and co-founder of Nitrome Ltd, an award winning games studio based in London, UK. Nitrome started in late 2005 with the aim of creating fresh, unique Flash games with production values above what would normally be associated with the format. To date Nitrome have now made over 70 games and counting including such hit titles as the Toxic, Icebreaker, Final Ninja and Skywire series. As well as being available on many of the most popular games sites Nitrome has built it's own site (www.nitrome.com) where the games receive millions of plays each week. Nitrome now hopes to expand their games to other platforms as well as exploring other areas of online gaming.

Nicolas Cannasse, Motion-Twin

Nicolas cofounded Motion-Twin in 2001 where he is programming web and flash games all the week. He's been for a long time interested in programming languages and compilers so he also wrote the MTASC open source AS2 compiler and is now focusing on a new programming language called haXe.

Renaun Erickson, Adobe

Renaun Erickson is Flex/Flash Developer at Adobe. He has expertise with ActionScript, Flex, and various server technologies. He stays active in the community speaking and blogging (renaun.com) on various Flash Platform subjects including video, audio, logging, and Flash Games. When not programming, he enjoys playing games, the outdoors, driving his Jeep, and spending time with family.

Robin Yang, Candystand

Robin Yang is the Community Manager of Candystand.com, currently responsible for the free-to-play online games site's social networking, promotion, and outreach efforts in addition to assisting with the acquisition/production of upcoming games. Prior to joining Candystand, she covered the games industry for the AOL Media network for over three years at Games.com and GameDaily. She can be found on Twitter at @robinyang.

Sana Choudary, Traffichoney

Having analyzed, written and spoken on dozens of social apps and consulted on the social integration and social media marketing strategies of dozens more, Sana N Choudary is considered a true social game strategy expert. As a consultant to several traditional and social companies, she is actively engaged in game design and development with some of the most competent and innovative game designers, artists, and developers in the world. Sana runs a company called Traffichoney. Called on for its expertise in virality, engagement, and community marketing Traffichoney provides customized consulting and group trainings to help game companies and indie developers achieve success with their social games or create more social traditional games.

Sean Cooper, SeanTCooper.com

Sean Cooper worked for Electronic Arts from 1987 to 2005, nearly 20 years. He has worked on many hit titles that were created from scratch, and loves to program the games he creates. He is currently focusing more of his time on the Adobe Flash platform, as this gives him a quick turnaround for the idea, software and feedback on the design. Titles include: the Bond series, Battlefield, Godfather, Syndicate series, Magic Carpet series, Populous, Boxhead series, wOne series: see more games on www.seantcooper.com.

Seb Lee-Delisle, Plug-In Media

Seb has been working in digital media for over 15 years and is the founding partner at award winning digital agency Plug-in Media (pluginmedia.net). He is a specialist in games, physics, motion detection, 3D and visual effects (such as particle effects). His work has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in Flash, and has received many accolades including a BAFTA for the Plug-in Media project Big and Small.


As a member of the Papervision3D team, he is an expert in Flash 3D. He is regularly invited to speak at conferences, and has presented at iDesign, FITC, FlashForward and many others. In his spare time he manages FlashBrighton, a Flash platform user group.

Sian Yue Tan, Rocketbirds

Sian Yue co-founded Ratloop inc. back in 1997 and is currently the producer / head of studio at Ratloop Asia Pte Ltd. Its flagship project, "Rocketbirds: Revolution!", a game made entirely in flash, is a triple nominee at this years' Independent Games Festival for excellence in visual art, excellence in audio and the coveted Seumas McNally grand prize. A programmer and artist, Sian Yue's true background is in accounting and financial management and he holds an LLM in international and commercial law.

Tim Fowers, Gabob, LLC

Tim is co-founder of Gabob, a premium flash development studio. Gabob's focus is on games that are challenging but accessible, and distinct in both aesthetic and gameplay. Gabob's successful first game, the retro styled 'Now Boarding', centers on a chaotic airport. Their latest game, 'ClockWords', is a whole new take on word games.

Tom Fulp, Newgrounds

Tom Fulp is the founder of Newgrounds.com and co-founder of the Behemoth. Tom started making Flash games in 1998 and later made the first ever jump from Flash to consoles with Alien Hominid. Nowadays Tom juggles game development with serving the thriving community of artists, programmers, musicians, writers and voice actors at Newgrounds.

Vikas Gupta, Social Gold

Vikas Gupta co-founded Jambool, Inc. in 2006 with current CTO Reza Hussein. The company launched several popular Facebook applications in addition to the company's flagship product, Social Gold™, an industry-leading virtual economy platform for online games, applications and virtual worlds. Social Gold enables developers to create and manage their own white-labeled virtual currency, provide an unparalleled payments experience to their users, and optimize their virtual economy using robust analytics. As CEO, Vikas Gupta provides expertise in managing virtual economies and leads the management team with a focus on product vision and development. Prior to co-founding Jambool, Inc., Vikas spent 7 years at Amazon.com where he led the Payments group and Web services products - building one of the busiest transaction processing systems in the world. Vikas was also the lead inventor for Amazon.com's Flexible Payments Service product. In 2004, Vikas co-founded Amazon.com's India office in Bangalore, and oversaw the engineering teams. Vikas holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kanpur and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

William Stallwood, Cipher Prime

Will is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Cipher Prime Studios. Over the past year-and-a-half, he has made the very intense journey from the world of interactive marketing to independent gaming. Auditorium, Will's first title at Cipher Prime, has won many awards, been ported to the iPhone, and has a PS3 and XBox port in development. While Will is a classically trained designer, he also spends most of his workdays handling business deals/relationships, marketing, and slinging some mean AS3. If you're lucky enough to catch this insomniac away from the computer, you'll probably find him juggling, snowboarding, or enjoying a great arcade classic like Pocket Fighter.

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