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Steering Committee

Adam Caplan, Super Rewards

Adam is the President at KITN Media (Super Rewards), the leading virtual currency monetization platform for websites, games and social networking applications. Adam is responsible for Super Rewards' senior client relationships, strategic partnerships and business development, as well as helping to formulate long-term company strategy. Prior to joining KITN Media, Adam was an investment banker with Morgan Stanley leading the firm's emerging Internet / digital media effort in New York where he assisted companies across the internet, social media and casual gaming sectors with capital raising and strategic transactions. Adam holds a Law degree and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and sits on the advisory board at LifeStage Media PLC (owner of OurWeddingDay.com and Memory-of.com).

Andrew Chen, Futuristic Play

Andrew Chen is a blogger and startup executive focused on advertising and social media. He writes the blog Futuristic Play and was most recently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Mohr Davidow Ventures (MDV), a Silicon Valley-based firm with $2B under management. At MDV, Andrew pursued initiatives in digital media and advertising, and was instrumental in MDV's $20MM investment in Hi5.com, the leading social network for international audiences with over 100 million registered users. Prior to MDV, Andrew was director of product marketing at Revenue Science, where he co-founded the ad network business and was instrumental in growing the network to thousands of websites with over 5 billion ads served per month. He also led teams to handle the company's initiatives around MySpace and Yahoo, two of Revenue Science's most strategic partners. In addition, Andrew played key roles in winning the company's initial brand advertising clients, which now include dozens of top-tier publishers including AOL, IAC, ESPN, Washington Post, among others. Andrew holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington.

Brad Borne, Borne Games

Brad Borne is best known for his series of Flash platformers, The Fancy Pants Adventures. A self-proclaimed old-school gamer first, game designer and programmer second, Brad is currently finishing work on Mirror's Edge 2D with Electronic Arts, and doing concept work for World 3 of The Fancy Pants Adventures.

Bret Terrill, Zynga

Before joining Zynga as Director of Business Development, Bret was the CEO of Tenuki, a social games company focused on building real-time multiplayer games for the Facebook audience. He's considered the premier analyst of the emerging social games industry which he's been following closely since its inception. His insights can be found on his blog: Bret on Social Games (www.bretterrill.com).

Brian Robbins, Fuel Games

As Studio Head for Fuel Games Denver, Brian Robbins is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to create compelling entertainment on today and tomorrow's most exciting platforms. Brian has been active in the online gaming industry since 1999 and is widely recognized as one of the most influential developers in online gaming today. He is co-founder and former chair of the International Game Developers Association's (IGDA) Casual Games Special Interest Group (SIG), and has also served as Chair for the IGDA's Online Games SIG. An accomplished developer, Brian has been the lead programmer on over 70 published titles, with contributions to more than 100 games..

Chris Benjaminsen, Nonoba

Chris Benjaminsen is a co-founder at Nonoba.com, a technology market-leader in multiplayer and payment tools for developers. Prior to founding Nonoba in 2007, Chris was the co-founder and President of BeIT ApS, a production house specializing in Communities and Multiplayer games for the Scandinavian market. With 8 years of experience in designing and developing multiplayer games for the browser, Chris has great insights in how to build, monetize and market multiplayer games..

Chris Hughes, FlashGameLicense.com

Chris is co-founder of FlashGameLicense.com and an indie game developer. Through FlashGameLicense.com he has helped other indie game developers make over $1,000,000 from their games in just the last year alone. He has a BS and MS in Computer Science from Sacred Heart University. His personal goal is to make it possible for indie developers to exclusively focus on making great games by assisting them in monetizing and distributing their creations.

David Scott, Casual Collective

David Scott, the co-founder and CFO of Casual Collective, is an indie game phenom, known for his inventive and highly addicting Flash-based tower defense (TD) games. Casual Collective, the brainchild of Scott and co-founder Paul Preece, is a new social Web gaming site, where friends can create and join groups, participate in live chat/forums within a robust community of users, and play Casual Collective's exclusive multi-player games for free. Prior to Casual Collective, Scott designed games, websites and videos for corporations such as Warner Brothers, GlaxoSmithKline and Wrigley. Over the course of seven months, Scott developed Flash Element TD, Flash Circle TD, and Vector Tower Defense. Scott's first and most popular game - Flash Element TD - is a Macromedia Flash-based Warcraft TD game that resulted in more than 140 million downloads worldwide and drove the creation of Scott's tower defense trifecta. Scott and Preece host a regular blog on casual gaming and social networking, which can be found at http://blog.casualcollective.com/.

Daniel James, Three Rings

Daniel James is co-founder and CEO of Three Rings, pioneer of casual MMOs and the virtual goods and currency model in the US with Puzzle Pirates. Three Rings is presently launching Whirled, a player-created flash virtual world and developer platform centred on multi-player games. Daniel has a long history of innovation in online games dating back to his first encounter with Essex MUD in 1982 and the commercial text MUD Avalon, one of the first content services to charge money on the internet circa 1994.

Edmund McMillen, Independent Developer

Edmund McMillen is an independent game designer and artist who specializes in innovative designs and auto biographical pieces such as Aether and IGF finalist Coil. Most known for his work on IGF grand prize winner Gish, Edmund was also the character artist and animator of Braid and has just announced his transition into console development with the Wiiware sequel to his popular flash game Meat Boy, titled Super Meat Boy.

Jameson Hsu, Mochi Media

Jameson Hsu is Chief Mochi and co-founder of Mochi Media. Prior to founding Mochi Media, Jameson co-founded the award winning interactive design firm WDDG where he led partnerships with major brands such as Kraft, HP, Burger King and many more. Jameson has been focused on gaming and interactive advertising for over 10 years, working closely with Flash developers, industry leading artists, advertising agencies, and Fortune 500 clients to develop innovative marketing and communication solutions.

Jason Loia, Digital Chocolate

Jason Loia is COO of Digital Chocolate, a leading publisher of mobile and omni-media games with over 100 titles on 200 carrier and partner channels worldwide. Launched and led by legendary founder of Electronic Arts, Trip Hawkins, Digital Chocolate is best known for their dedication to developing unique and innovative content for mobile, the highest game quality ratings in the industry, and their leadership in social gaming. Digital Chocolate's web games have received over 100 million game plays and include such favorites as Tower Bloxx, Rollercoaster Rush, and Crazy Penguin Catapult. Before joining Digital Chocolate, Jason served as VP of Production at Lavastorm, where he helped ship over 40 titles including the first-ever J2ME and BREW games on U.S. carriers. Jason holds an MSEE from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Jay Bibby, JayIsGames.com

Jay Bibby is the creator of JayIsGames.com, a popular online games blog that reviews the best Flash and Casual games available on the Web.

Jeremy Liew, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jeremy Liew invests primarily in the Internet and mobile sectors, with a particular interest in social media, commerce, gaming and methods for increasing monetization. He joined Lightspeed in early 2006. Previously, Jeremy was with AOL, first as SVP of Corporate Development and Chief of Staff to the CEO and then as General Manager of Netscape. Jeremy joined AOL from InterActiveCorp (originally USA Networks), where he was VP of Strategic Planning. While there, he was responsible for acquisitions, divestitures and investments in TV Networks, consumer Internet companies and online travel companies. Jeremy started working in the consumer Internet industry as an early employee of CitySearch in 1996, where he held a variety of sales management, operational and business development roles. He was also a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Jeremy holds an MBA from Stanford and a BA/BSc from the Australian National University in Linguistics and Pure Mathematics. Jeremy is a frequent contributor to the Lightspeed blog at http://lsvp.wordpress.com.

Jim Greer, Kongregate

Jim Greer is the founder and CEO of Kongregate, a startup that combines over 10,000 user-submitted Flash games with achievements, high scores, chat, and other community features. Developers share in ad and microtransaction revenue, and retain the rights to their games. Before founding Kongregate in June 2006, Jim was Technical Director for Pogo at Electronic Arts. He has worked in the game industry since 1991 and hold a Computer Science degree from Princeton University.

Joel Breton, AddictingGames

Joel Breton is the Director of Game Development at AddictingGames, the leading online game portal owned by MTV Networks. Joel works directly with more than 250 game developers around the world to develop and launch 15 new online games each week on AddictingGames. Joel and his game production team are leading the charge in supporting the explosion of gameplay design and innovation that is driving the online game market. During his game development career, Joel has produced and created more than 20 top-selling videogames, including PC and console versions of Duke Nukem, Unreal, Quake, Virtua Fighter, Major League Baseball, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Bomberman Live, and Doom.

John Cooney, Armor Games

John Cooney is the head of game development at Armor Games Inc. Armor Games acts as both portal and developer, focusing in creating quality content and interesting new game concepts. John started development with Flash in 2002 as an animator-turned-game developer and has continued to publish over forty titles during his career. John's prolific body of work has been featured in Electronic Gaming Monthly, Games for Windows Magazine, Edge magazine, and BBC World television. Some of the titles he has created include Ball Revamped, Achievement Unlocked, Hedgehog Launch, and the Dark Cut series. John graduated with a degree in Technocultural Studies from University of California: Davis.

Kate Connally, AddictingGames

Kate Connally is the Vice President of the AddictingGames business at MTV Networks. With over twenty five million visitors a month, AddictingGames.com is the largest youth-oriented online game site in the United States. Prior to her role with AG, Kate launched and lead product marketing for Shockwave.com's downloadable games business and also managed business development for its parent company, Atom Entertainment. Prior to Atom, Kate was an associate at Advent International, a private equity firm, from 1996 to 1998 and an analyst at Volpe, Welty and Co., a boutique investment bank from 1994 to 1996. She has an A.B. degree with honors from Princeton University.

Kenny Rosenblatt, Arkadium

Kenny Rosenblatt is the CEO and Co-Founder of Arkadium. Since the Company's inception in 2001 Kenny has helped to develop hundreds of games for clients such as CBS, ABC, Mattel, Hearst Digital and AARP. Along with his wife and business partner Jessica, Kenny is responsible for driving the long term strategic direction of Arkadium and serves as the company's Chief Technology Officer. His extensive experience in the games arena, along with his entrepreneurial spirit has helped him always stay at the cutting edge of the games industry. Prior to founding Arkadium, Kenny was Vice President of Emerging Technologies at On2, a broadband media company, where he developed innovative Video on Demand systems for iTV and Set Top Boxes.

Matthew Spall, Gimme5games

Matt Spall of Gimme5games is a veteran of the video games industry and has been producing games on various formats since the late 80s. Spall has contributed to development work on; Command & Conquer, Silkworm, SWIV, Dune, Balloon Headed Boy, and the BAFTA winning Bluetooth Biplanes. Going forward Spall and his team will grow Gimme5games's games offering, creating new IP and supporting existing product with game based promotions and initiatives.

Paul Preece, Casual Collective

Paul Preece is the co-founder and CEO of Casual Collective - a developer of pioneering indie Web games such as the award-winning Desktop Tower Defense, and the newly launched Casual Collective social gaming site. At Casual Collective, friends can create and join groups, participate in live chat/forums within a robust community of users, and play Casual Collective's exclusive multi-player games for free. Preece's signature game Desktop Tower Defense, released in March 2007, has become one of the most popular casual games in history and is considered the world-over as one of the most "addicting." Since its debut, Desktop Tower Defense has been played over 70 million times - representing more than 10 million hours of global playing time. The success of Desktop Tower Defense has transformed Preece from a late-night hobbist into one of the most well-known indie game developers. Since its introduction, Desktop Tower Defense has been nominated as the "Best Casual Game of 2008" by Gamezebo, was named the #1 game for 2007 by MTV, as well as a top 10 entertainment Web application of 2007 by CNET's Webware. In addition, Desktop Tower Defense has generated over $100K in revenue and is due to be released on Nintendo DS and iPhone in Spring 2009. Preece and Scott host a regular blog on casual gaming and social networking, which can be found at http://blog.casualcollective.com/. Preece holds a Computer Science degree from Kingston University and participates in the Casual Games Association.

Ranah Edelin, Raptr

Ranah Edelin is the VP of Business Development and Marketing at Raptr. Raptr is a free service that helps you connect with friends who play games. Raptr's goal is to make playing games more fun and social by letting you know when your friends are playing and what achievements they receive. Prior to joining Raptr, Ranah was a VP at EA after EA acquired SingShot, the online karaoke service he was co-founder and CEO of, in 2007. Ranah was also part of the core executive team that built the Rhapsody music service at Listen.com / RealNetworks. Ranah has an MBA from Stanford and a BA from Brown University. He also received a Japanese government scholarship to study at Nagoya University.

Richard Fields, MindJolt Games

Richard Fields is the founder and CEO of MindJolt Games. MindJolt is the largest gaming portal on all major social networks, and provides hundreds of games to players on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Friendster, Orkut and others. Richard previously worked as a consultant and Technical Lead on enterprise level client projects while at Scient Corporation. Additionally, Richard has founded and built several successful e-Commerce companies, outside of the gaming space. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Ryan Stewart, Adobe

Ryan Stewart is a Evangelist for Adobe focusing on the Flash Platform. He focuses on the Flash Player, Flex, Flash Catalyst, and Adobe AIR and helping designers and developers succeed. He has spoken at a number of industry conferences including Adobe MAX, Web 2.0, Web Design World, AjaxWorld, and others. He currently lives in Seattle and when he's not coding he likes to be climbing, hiking, or mountaineering. He also has a BA in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania that he sometimes gets to use.

Stephen Harris, Ninja Kiwi

Stephen is co-founder of Ninja Kiwi, an independent Flash game developer that created the Bloons game series and dozens of other quality flash games. He has a graduate diploma in Game Development and several years experience designing and building flash games both independently and for clients. Ninja Kiwi has 4 full time people and is growing rapidly with a view to increasing the number of games produced while keeping the standards of game design and production extremely high.

Sean Cooper, SeanTCooper.com

Sean Cooper worked for Electronic Arts from 1987 to 2005, nearly 20 years. He has worked on many hit titles that were created from scratch, and loves to program the games he creates. He is currently focusing more of his time on the Adobe Flash platform, as this gives him a quick turnaround for the idea, software and feedback on the design. Titles include: the Bond series, Battlefield, Godfather, Syndicate series, Magic Carpet series, Populous, Boxhead series, wOne series: see more games on www.seantcooper.com.