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The Mochis

The Mochis is an annual award show that recognizes the year's very best Flash games. Official judging is underway- check out the finalists below! The game with the most overall votes will be the winner of the "Player's Choice" category.

Award Show Host

Mike Pollack
a.k.a Tasselfoot

Mike Pollack, known online as Tasselfoot, is best known for his YouTube walkthroughs of Flash games, which have been viewed more than 200 million times. Prior to that, he ran Flash Flash Revolution, the original Flash-based rhythm game. Currently, Mike is enjoying life as Armor Games' resident Game Wizard.

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  • Best Game Art Jacksmith By Flipline Studios

    The game's RPG twist gave us a chance to design a fantasy world with unique locations and creatures. We're thrilled players enjoyed it!
  • Best Strategy game The Last Stand: Dead Zone By Con Artist Games

    Killing zombies doesn't take much strategy, but ok!
  • Best Shooter Game Decision 2: New City By Fly Anvil

    It is a great honor and a privilege for us to be nominated for a Mochi Award. Grateful to all who have appreciated our games: sponsors, portals, jury, and most importantly - players! This gives us the incentive and the opportunity to create more quality and interesting games! Thank you Mochi!
  • Best Action Game Rogue Soul By SoulGame

    Being selected for the Mochi Awards is a honor for us at SoulGame. Huge thanks from France, we are proud that you enjoyed our game!
  • Best Puzzle game Incredipede By Northway Games

    Video games are awesome. Everyone who makes videogames is awesome. Let’s all make more!
  • Best Cross Platform Game Infectonator 2 By Toge Productions

    We are honored to be nominated once again! Thank you everyone for your support! We’ll continue to evolve!
  • Best Multiplayer Game Red Crucible 2 By Rocketeer Games

    OMG! Can't believe we won, WOOHOO! Thank You All :)
  • Most Creative Game Super Adventure Pals By Jay Armstrong Games  & Corupt3d

    S.A.P. came from all you developers doing amazing things, without whom it would not exist. Keep doing what you're doing & keep inspiring!
  • Best Sound Design Siegius Arena By Sky9 Games

    Thanks to all the fans who made this possible, we never would have come this far without you!
  • Players Choice Burrito Bison Revenge By Juicy Beast

    Thanks to everyone who played, replayed and played the game over again and who took the time between two launches to vote for it!


  • Kris Antoni Hadiputra
    Toge Productions

  • Simon Lachance
    Berzerk Studio

  • Rob James

  • Colin Cupp
    Mochi Media

  • Jon Jordan

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I nominate my own game?

Yes, absolutely!

What is the Best Cross-Platform category?

The Best Cross-Platform category recognizes the best game of 2012 which originated in Flash and was taken to another platform (iOS, Android, Unity, HTML5, etc.)

I do not know if the game was created in 2012. Can I still nominate it?

Absolutely, please nominate the game. In the process of selecting finalists and winners, we will contact the game creator to verify that they qualify.

Can I nominate Facebook games?

Yes, you can nominate any game that is Flash-based, including games on destination sites or social networks like Facebook.

What qualifies as an independent game or commercial game?

An independent game is any game created by an organization 3 people or smaller, and not created on commission or for an advertiser. Commercial games are any created by companies greater than 3 people, on commission or for an advertiser.